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March Music News

March Music News Music Videos, Wizard Worlds, and Cape Mays View this email in your browser Hey Friend, Happy March! Even though I know we can count on at LEAST one big snowstorm before winter’s gone for good, the forecast is starting to look pretty spring-ish here in Cleveland, with highs well above freezing for […]

February Music News

February Music News Planting Seeds & Playing Shows! View this email in your browser Hey Friend! I’m going to try to keep this month’s update short; which is usually what I say write before writing a novella to deliver to your inbox. But for real this time! Along with playing a full slate of shows, […]

January Music news

January Music news The new year brings more travels, more music, and more creative partnerships! View this email in your browser Happy New Decade, Friend! Greetings from the road!  I’m currently en route to New Orleans by way of Nashville, on my way to play a series of shows this weekend while exhibiting my artwork at […]

December Music News

December Music News The year in review, a new music video, and a look ahead to 2020! View this email in your browser Happy December, Friend! This month always feels like it sneaks up on me. I swear that it was just yesterday I was contemplating my goals for the new year… but at the same […]

November Music News

November Music News Music Videos, Southern Travels, and New Stickers! View this email in your browser Happy November, Friend! If last month’s newsletter was like a novel, this time you’re getting the CliffsNotes! New Music Video Coming! At the Michael McFarland & the Mess Makers show last month, the very talented guitarist Tyler Ray from bands […]

October Music news 🎵👻🎃💀🎶

October Music news 🎵👻🎃💀🎶 Wizards, Androids, and Autumn Drives View this email in your browser Hey, Friend! Happy spooktober! This past weekend was the first time it really felt like Fall, and I’m here for it. You’ll probably notice that this newsletter’s coming later in the month than it normally does. Usually I might try to […]

September Music News

September Music News Mess Makers, Cheek Pouches, and Long Winters View this email in your browser Hey, Friend! Welcome to September! The weather’s pretending like it’s going to stay cool for a bit, but here in Ohio we know that there’s going to be at least one more sweltering heat wave before diving straight into winter. […]

August Music News

August Music News Robots, Wizards, and Zen Gardens! View this email in your browser Hey, Friend! Happy August! Before we get to the meat of this newsletter, here’s a few fun facts for you about the month we currently inhabit… In the early Roman calendar, August was actually the sixth month of the year, and was […]

July Music News

July Music News European travels, and lots of July shows! View this email in your browser Hey, Friend! You’ll notice that this newsletter’s a little late this month – I promise there a good reason for that, and that good reason is that just last night Amanda & I returned from a whirlwind trip of Europe! […]

June Music news

June Music news ManorFest, Hello Headrush, and Travels Abroad! View this email in your browser Hey, Friend! A year ago, while mourning the loss of a beloved DIY music venue that had recently closed its doors, a couple of my musician friends and I decided to launch a venue of our own. My home became the […]

May Music News 🎧🎵💃

May Music News 🎧🎵💃 Justin Timberlake, Submarine Beds, and Album Reviews – Happy May! View this email in your browser Hey, Friend, A few days ago Justin Timberlake came out of his burrow in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, and saw his shadow, prognosticating the on-time arrival of May. So here we are! Everything’s turning green, and planning […]

April Music News 🗺🖖🏻🎧

April Music News 🗺🖖🏻🎧 Capes of Singer-Songwriters, Worlds of Wizards, Days of Record Stores View this email in your browser Hey, Friend, I’ve just returned from my annual visit to Cape May, New Jersey, for the Singer-Songwriter Conference that has become a traditional journey for me over the past seven years. Sharing the trip with my […]