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Artist Profiles

Artist Profile: Kristen Ford

Artist: Kristen Ford Sounds like: A genre-bending songstress [ed. note: The term “songstress” always makes me want to ask people to refer to me as a “songster”] who deftly weaves her way though rock, reggae, soul and pop without breaking a sweat. How I discovered: in November of 2011, shortly after I moved to Asheville, […]

Artist Profile: Sydney Sprague

Artist: Sydney Sprague Sounds like: A precise, bell-clear voice delivering catchy-yet-heartfelt lyrics without a shred of pretension. How I discovered: I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her and Shane Hunt (who together now comprise 2/3 of┬áThe Skeleton Keys) in Austin, Texas. I loved her music and picked up a copy of her […]

Artist Profile: Beth Goldwater

Artist: Beth Goldwater Sounds like: A dark and beautiful voice that could stop traffic a cappella, elevated by songs that are both artistic and frighteningly catchy. How I discovered: I saw her play at the Singer-Songwriter Cape May conference in March of 2013, and while I was impressed with her entire set, I fell in […]

Artist Profile: The Lone Wolf Project

Artist: The Lone Wolf Project (Philip Nathaniel Freeman) Sounds like: A dude with some incredible pipes and some nasty blues influences dealing with his demons while doing dirty things to an acoustic guitar. How I discovered: The Lone Wolf Project’s latest record, “Old Words, New Chapters“, was produced by Jason Rubal, who also produce my […]