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Til I Get Back Home

I sing it from the tops of cars
Sleeping out under the stars
I sing it to a quiet night, hope you might hear it too

I sing it from a balcony
Looking out over Bourbon Street
I sing the words into the air, hope that they’re coming through

And I believe
That you can hear my melody
Because when I leave
My heart stays with you

No matter what gotta keep on singing
I know in my heart that the words come through
I am the reason your ears keep ringing
Because I promise baby girl I’m coming back to you
In a month you can hear me say it
But while I’m out on the road alone
This is the song that my heart keeps playing
From Atlantic to Pacific ’til I get back home. (It’s my ticket take it) 

I sing it from the jersey sand
To the banks of the Rio Grande
I sing it from the west to east
That’s the least I can do

I sing it from the golden gate
All the way to the empire state
I sing it from the south to north
Hope it’s worthy and true

Oh, no, lord I’m not a runaway
To go so far I miss you every day
And solo starts to be a lonely way
I promise baby girl I’m coming back to you
if it’s the last thing I do