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A Failed Breakup

Morning came
Tears swelling in our eyes
We’re saying our goodbyes
Because I’m going away
We finished our debates
We go to different states
There’s nothing more to say
Except I love you and I’ll miss you

Don’t cry
No I can’t believe it
Can’t believe it
Didn’t take too long for us to see

Oh, there was no getting over
Getting over you
Try to let go, only kept getting closer    
Time to face the truth
You turned your claddagh ring around
When I headed out of town
Now it’s 6 months later, guess it’s time to wake up
That this is what you’d call a failed breakup

New Year’s Eve
Another year that doesn’t start right
With kissing you at midnight
But you best believe
This isn’t close to over
Champagne til I’m sober
And it’s time to leave
Was it meant to be?
Because I love you
And I miss you

Don’t cry, no I
Can’t believe it
Can’t believe it
Closed eyes, nice try
I thought I’d get away

Because I love you
And I miss you
But I left you
Well that’s an issue!
What would we do
With a redo?
I would kiss you
I’m out of ways to say
I wish you were here