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Better After All – Lyrics

I remember the stories you told
About the ones who came before me as I held you in the cold
And how you’d end it before it got old
I’m just another memory as your story unfolds

I’m not sorry that it came to an end
I’m not sorry that i can not be your friend
But I’m sorry for the man I’ve become
My heart it so much colder now
My eyes look so much older since you

Watch me fly and watch me fall
And every day was better than the next
But that’s all right
I reached so high but I lost it all
But every day gets better now
Yes every day gets better after all

I remember the plans that we made
To get out of Ohio before our bodies decayed
But our intentions were a shallow charade
Still I’m packing up for Austin once these debts have been paid

And can I start to start over again
Can I stop holding on to December
When will I start to stop wondering when
When I’ll forget what I don’t want to remember anymore