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Call Off the Beautiful Day – Lyrics

We’ve been waiting for this weekend since last Sunday night
And in every direction I see a clear blue sky
But if a tiny little cloud should cross the sun
Then our perfect little afternoon is done

So call off the beautiful day
Grey skies are going to stay
Call me a liar if I say I see the sun
Even if the wind brings back the light again
Though the darkness means a brighter end
Call off the beautiful day, let’s pack it in

Well you never were a one who could just let it go
And these downpours don’t distress me but I think you know
If you keep piling up these clouds they’ll form a front
You stopped smiling now you’re acting like a… Petty little girl.

Watch this mistake break apart when we put it to the test
Like a cop stopped your heart in a cardiac arrest
And I scout out the south while you’re moving out west

And we’re over after now, there’s no lining to this cloud.

So call off the beautiful day
Go back to your father and stay
You’ll be good with your grandmother’s ring on your other hand.