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When you’ve run out of steam but fell short of land
When you’ve given your heart but still need a hand
When you’ve followed the charts but don’t understand
Why your faith fails

When your compass is cracked and won’t show the way
And the taste on your tongue is all sea & spray
And you hold onto hope for the light of day
Raise your sails

Anchors will weigh you down
With ships lost and never found
But you’ll never run aground
Cause I’ll be your lighthouse

When the siren’s song steers you to your grave
To be dashed on the rocks or beneath the waves
And the sonorous sound makes you their slave
Cover your ears

When the wind’s whipping wild in the black of night
And your last hope for help’s slipping out of site
With no stars to be seen but I’m shining bright
To stay your fears

So get up, move ahead, don’t you let up
Even if it’s a setup, I’ll be your lighthouse
Hold out, though it’s dark and it’s cold out
Even if you’ve been sold out, I’ll be your lighthouse