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Missing A Month – Lyrics

June arrives and I am left alone
Six hour drive to get back home
I try to play the radio
But these pop songs won’t commiserate
Atlantic stretched beneath your wings
You fly to dance before the kings
You’re breaking hearts and chasing dreams
As dusk meets dark, I deliberate

You’re leaving me here alone
With a feeling I’ve never know

So now I lie in an ice cold sweat just reminiscing
Of a smile that I can’t forget and should be kissing
And the feelings that won’t die yet I’ve been dismissing anew
Again I lie in an empty bed until the daylight
Brings the memories of words you said when you said goodnight
And the pictures that burnt blood red and that was all right it’s true
Girl we went missing a month but tonight I’m just missing you

April burnt us both down to the bone
When you walked out I turned to stone
Erased your number from my phone
To make myself get over it
I drift, distracted, couldn’t sleep
My voice ran silent, I ran deep
I called you names and counted sheep
Picking fights and throwing fits

Say goodbye, I kiss you and I watch you fly
And suddenly I’m smothered by butterflies
Rivers rise in my eyes
On this long drive, longing living where I felt so strong
And giving up on every part of me
Because you’ve taken the heart of me
And my heart sang oh