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Next Train South – lyrics

A town like this can tear you down until you feel there’s nothing left to hope for
a day like this can chew you up and spit you out and leave your head on the floor

but baby don’t you worry ’bout where you been
you need to feel the sun on your winter skin

so just shut your mouth
pack up we’re getting on the next train south
baby don’t you worry we can work it out
and we’ll ride all night
passing by the people and the city lights
baby don’t you worry it’ll be all right

a night like this can bring you back to life again, we walk alone on the shore
a sky like this can open hearts so wide and then there’s something left to hope for

the swell of the tide
the moon in your eyes
you say it’s a cliche until you feel it inside
the gulls on the wing
the surf seems to sing
the sight of endless sky erases everything