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No Guarantee – Lyrics

I’m a little bit rusted, a little bit worn
my frame’s just a little askew
my manual’s missing, my packaging’s torn
but I’ve got an offer for you

if you’re in the market I’m here on the shelves in the back
with the dust and debris
there’s still good years left in me, take me as is
take me home with no guarantee

I’m a little untrusting, a little confused
I thought it was right you should know
that I’ve been mistreated and I’ve been misused
but I wasn’t built to let go

and if you trade me in for a newer or sexier model
I wouldn’t blame you, I’m nothing to show to your friends
’cause I’m battered and bruised and I’ve burnt all that’s left of bravado
but I’ll do my best for you right until I meet my end