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Remember Me

She said, “it’s starting to get cold back here in Cleveland
And I haven’t seen the sun in seven days
And the ice is forming on the cuyahoga
But I hope those southern stars will light your way”

And like peeling off the pages of a calendar
Our year was ending soon
And the ducks all disappeared just like in Salinger
“Just promise me this too.

When the lights go down
In the Carolinas
When your eyes close now
Is it me you see?
As you find yourself
In the blue ridge mountains
And forget your past
Remember me”

She said, “the nights are getting lonely on the north coast
And I don’t laugh half as much since your escape
And I wish you’d say I’m only what you miss most
And I wonder what you want when you’re awake

With the seasons slowly slipping into memory
December came to call
Still I wonder whether you and I will ever be
As winter chases fall.

We started a fire
With wet wood and tinder
I’m not ready to retire
There’s still much more than cinders
With memories of me
As you slip into slumber

Just promise you will
Hold my heart still
You hold my heart still, don’t let go”