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A Sarcastic Tango – Lyrics

Between the devil and the deep blue devil you don’t see
Quarter after one when you wake up lonely
Drank like a chimney and smoked like a fish
The early bird gets the short end of the stick

There’s a light at the end of the rainbow
All that glitters is going goodbye
If you’re right girl then why don’t you say so
Don’t you look a gift horse in the eye

( Oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh )
We burn the midnight oil at both ends
( Oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh )
But did you love me or only pretend
( Oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh )
Loose lips sink ships that pass in the night
( Oh oh-oh oh oh-oh oh )
But I don’t have a horse in this fight

Just like shooting fish in a barrel of monkeys
Quarter mile outside the city of Muncie
The dominoes fell over like a house of cards
One brick shy of the whole nine yards

Well they say that time flies like an arrow
And you know that fruit flies like a peach
Does it rattle your bones to the marrow
Just like leading a horse to the beach

Where there’s smoke don’t fire until I see the whites of your eyes
Perspire, as you’re crying over spilt misery
But see
You’re crying wolf in sheep’s clothing, wearing your heart up your sleeve