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If I Say Hello – Lyrics

I’d say hello
And you’d say hey
And all the people in this crowded bar will fade away
You’ll say your name
And I’ll say mine
And I’ll have another whiskey as you drink your wine

In your fragile hands
Now I can see
The color underneath your nails suggests so much to me
And charcoal dust
In every crease
Say just today from out your fingers flowed a masterpiece

And I can see it all

Just you and me
And a brand new start
Our colors blend and in the end
We’re like a work of art
Two refugees
With no place to go
Our lives entwined, we’re meant to shine
And I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
If I say hello

We could make a home
Even if it’s small
Just a one-bedroom apartment with your visions on the wall
And you’ll paint pictures
And I’ll write songs
And there’s no doubt we’ll work it out even when things go wrong

To all the love songs that belong just to us
Say hello to all the brushstrokes that we know we can trust
Say hello to all the bad jokes that no one else understands
And you know my heart is beating, say the greeting, take your hands

But it’s just a dream
And nothing more
You paid your tab
You called a cab
And you walked out the door
We could be great
But we’ll never know
How we’d begin
What could have been
If I’d said hello