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Shine On Today – Lyrics

Well I’m thankful that the sun came up this morning
though I didn’t sleep a wink at all last night
and the feelings crept upon us without warning
but we had to bring these thoughts into the light

we’ve said our parts, we know where this is heading
our faces show we both are wearing thing
but breaking hearts can hold each other steady
and smile about the places we have been

well I know they say be happy with just what you’ve got
but I know that what we’ve got ain’t gonna stay
and I know the sun’s not coming up tomorrow, so let it shine on today

a few short hours we’ll hold it all together
a few short days will bring us to an end
a few short months ago we said forever
but just hold me in the sunlight once again

we both know that it’s over
we’re not kidding ourselves
so why keep going over and under and through it all
let’s just let it fall
and I’ll be with you for an hour or two