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Sit and Wait

Sit alone
For as long as I can bear
It’s not my home
If there’s no one there to share it
And I know
That they all can see right through me
I won’t go
For my patience will renew me
Letting silence settle through me again

So I’ll sit here in the corner with my heart in my hand
Though there’s no one coming over and I don’t have a plan
There’s got to be somebody for someone who feels this way
And I’ll sit here till the morning, yeah if that’s what it takes
Till the sunlight strikes my silence through the dawn as it breaks
I don’t know exactly when I’ll come face to face with fate
But it seems as good a place as any to sit and wait

After light
Slips away and sets the gloaming
Into night
And the day has given way to eventide
Even tiring of the wait
I still decline
To accept what life’ll give me
Letting shadows settle with me again

Home, it feels like a hollow name
When there’s no one to share it with
And there’s no one to carry this hope at the end of the day
You’re alone
Every attempt to bury fails
These fragments of fairy tales
You’re a ship set with weary sails
Sewn from the sheets where you lay
But there’s got to be someone who feels this way