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I Spy – Lyrics

I spy
WIth the little I have left of vision
Right here before my eyes
I spy
Something blew me off my feet
Under the summer sky

Is it bigger than a breadbox
Is it higher than a plane
Can I fit it in my pocket
With a dollar twelve in change
Is it animal or vegetable
or minimal and plain
Is it wrong to tell you that I’d love to stay
‘Cause you’ve got me singing

Oh, oh I like your style
Give me ten minutes, make it worth your while
Oooh, that smile
You’ve got me singing
Oh, how you make me sweat
Give me ten more ’cause we’re not done yet
Oooh, get set
‘Cause ready or not, here I come

Oh, oh, ay-oh, oh
Oh, oh, you got me singing
Oh, oh, ay-oh, oh
Oh, oh, ay-oh, well

I spy
With a little ice cold lemonade
Baby, I won’t be long
I spy
What’s black and white and ready for you
Asked in your favorite songs

Do you really want to hurt me?
Have you ever seen the rain?
Should I stay or should I go nowIf I’m goin’ are you stayin’?
Do you like PiƱa Coladas
And do I have half a brain
Have I told you lately that I’d love to say
“You’ve got me singing”

Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Over an overwhelming
Sense you’ve sent me
Over the edge – I’m mending
So strong so close
Look in my eyes
Can you see what I see
Do you see what I spy?
‘Cause it’s you.