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Stopped to visit me from back in Ohio
Looking like the sunshine state
Just a couple hours and it’s time to go
Baby ’cause it’s getting late

Said she’d come back but she changed her mind
Only going to hurt us more
If we’re moving on, baby now’s the time
Kiss me and I’m out the door

All I can think to say is to
Stay young and beautiful, stay up late
Stay with your brother who moved out of state
Stay under cover of darkness as you’re walking away
Stay out the cubicle, play outside
Stay off the beaten path, love the ride
Stay true to yourself, stay young stay beautiful
If you can’t stay with me

Girl reminded me how to love again
Right when I was at my worst
Leaves me wondering of it had to end
The morning of the 31st

Do you ever feel like we’re not done yet
With what the future’s got in store
Take your seven breaths and it’s time to get
Packing up for Baltimore

All I can think to say is go do whatever girl
But you better

Stay, all I can think to say is girl what’s your hurry
Stay, you don’t have to go
Stay, all I can think to say is girl don’t you worry
Stay, when it’s right we’ll know