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Stupid – Lyrics

Stop acting so stupid, stupid
When you say you don’t think we’ll make it
Don’t make me blame Cupid, Cupid
But I know we’re strong enough to take it
Stop action crayayzy when the little things go wrong
You’re not getting out that easy
‘Cause we’re in this for the long haul

I want to thank you for being sane most of the time
It’s not something that I’m used to
My suspicions still survive
I want to thank you for staying ’round when I lost my mind
Once bitten and so see-through
Still gritting from the thumbscrews, oh, but

Last night
Not everything went right
But so far from a fist fight
Is this what counts for conflict here?

I apologize that I always leave my things around
When I focus on minutia
While the walls are falling down
Realize there are times when life will get you down
But we’re better at what we do
Than options other than this me-you thing, still

Last night
Was just a bump along this highway
So right
That I’ll go yours and you’ll go my way
Will prove that what I said was true
“If you and I can’t make it, love
Then everybody else is screwed.”