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Valentine – Lyrics

Love like a greeting card, so pretty and unnecessary
penned by defeated hearts run out of words to say
and I know this beat-up car don’t look like she’ll last for very long
but it’s got a driver that will take it all the way

’cause this car don’t stop when the gas runs out
this car don’t stop when the wheels come off
this car don’t stop when the engine quits
’cause it’s a million miles a minute my love

baby, don’t you go, don’t you say I’m not the man you used to know
don’t you say goodbye, I’ll see you around
maybe you will find that if you walk out I’ll follow close behind
don’t you know I’m yours, I gave you my heart like a valentine

how many people say a love like ours is legendary
how many people said you’re beautiful today
but you don’t believe in love or how it feels so hard to carry on
but I believe in us, I think you ought to stay

time and time again I tried to show you what I am
Valentine you’ve been away for far too long
when you’re mine again I swear I’ll be a better man
but I’ve always been far better than you thought , you thought, you think I am
it’s a million miles a minute though you cast me off