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Waking Up Is A Letdown – Lyrics

When you close your eyes as you lie in your bed at night
do you dream of a scene from a better life
and when you pray do you say, “let me get it right”
while I do, I do, and this song’s for you

did you regret when you settled for good enough
I know you knew, yeah you knew it, you shouldn’t’ve
and so you swore to adore what you couldn’t love
and for now, for now, waking up’s a letdown

so make up your mind and start today
at living your life a whole new way
if you can’t decide to start to swim you’ll drown
so give it a chance, it just might scare you
get up and dance, and let me dare you
give up your plans, and let’s just leave this town
where waking up is a letdown

and did you learn from the turns that you didn’t take
’cause you were flat on your back from the give and take
and now you’re out of the vows that you wouldn’t break
but still now, still now waking up’s a letdown
and falling asleep comes easily tonight