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Artist Profile: Kristen Ford

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Kristen FordArtist:
Kristen Ford

Sounds like:
A genre-bending songstress [ed. note: The term “songstress” always makes me want to ask people to refer to me as a “songster”] who deftly weaves her way though rock, reggae, soul and pop without breaking a sweat.

How I discovered:
in November of 2011, shortly after I moved to Asheville, Kristen came through town on tour with her friend Kara Kulpa. She played at the One Stop as part of the Brown Bag Songwriting competition, and I was immediately taken by her stage presence, great songs, casual confidence and occasional mid-song beatboxing. She was one of the finalists in the competition that night, you can check out video of part of that performance here:

I got a chance to chat with her afterwards, talking about how she put her whole tour together, and what it was like out on the road. I was so inspired that I went home that night and started planning my first tour!

Favorite tracks:
Bag of Bones
Ember Autumn
Love You Madly

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