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Artist Profile: The Lone Wolf Project

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The Lone Wolf Project (Philip Nathaniel Freeman)

Sounds like:

A dude with some incredible pipes and some nasty blues influences dealing with his demons while doing dirty things to an acoustic guitar.

How I discovered:

The Lone Wolf Project’s latest record, “Old Words, New Chapters“, was produced by Jason Rubal, who also produce my latest record. In the pre-production process, Jason and I were discussing the polished-yet-organic feel I wanted to aim for, and he told me to check out the work he’d done with Phil. He pointed me towards this video:

I was immediately hooked. You have to watch the whole thing, if only to make sure you catch the vocal leap at the 3 minute mark.

Favorite tracks:

The Arrival
The Right to Remain
The Bridge

Find’em online:

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