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Clan McFarland Profile: Rob Branscome

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Rob_Branscome-cropped1. What’s your name?
Rob Branscome

2. Where do you live?
New Castle, PA

3. When/where/how did you first hear Michael McFarland’s music?
God, it’s been almost five years… While he was in Aviatik, I found them on MySpace… ha ha ha

4. What’s your favorite Michael McFarland song and why?
Man this ones hard… I really dig Remember Me

5. Have you ever seen Michael perform live? If so, when/where?
Yes a few times here in New Castle. He did a couple acoustic and a couple full band shows, for me and, with me, and I loved it every time.

6. What toppings would you like on your pizza?
Bacon, banana peppers, and cheese.

7. What’s your favorite movie?
Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back. (First Pokemon movie). I still get teary eyed when Ash turns to stone, ha ha!

8. How many fingers am I holding up?
3 [Close! It was 4]

9. Apart from Michael McFarland, who’s your favorite musician?
Five Iron Frenzy

10. Rock, paper, or scissors?

Michael chose Paper this month, so the victory goes to Rob!

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