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Artist Profile: Sydney Sprague

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Sydney Sprague, Singer-Songwriter, Austin TexasArtist:
Sydney Sprague

Sounds like:
A precise, bell-clear voice delivering catchy-yet-heartfelt lyrics without a shred of pretension.

How I discovered:
I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her and Shane Hunt (who together now comprise 2/3 of The Skeleton Keys) in Austin, Texas. I loved her music and picked up a copy of her “Paper Crane” EP. While the whole record is fantastic, I was so taken by her song “Home”, it was on repeat for my next several days on the road, and just yesterday my beautiful bride walked down the aisle to this song. It also inspired me to write “‘Til I Get Back Home“, the bonus track to my latest record.

Favorite tracks:
Oh, My Aching Bones

One response to “Artist Profile: Sydney Sprague”

  1. Tamra Wade says:

    So awesome! So happy that more people are finding out about Sydney! Her music is often on repeat and becomes the soundtrack in our life! Can’t wait for her new music!

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