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Clan McFarland Profile: Mark Smith

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Mark Smith1. What’s your name?
Mark Smith

2. Where do you live?
Akron, Ohio

3. When/where/how did you first hear Michael McFarland’s music?
Working on the film “How to Change the World” [Michael’s music is heavily featured in the film, which will be released soon!] / through Neil Weakland and Ian Kline

4. What’s your favorite Michael McFarland song and why?
Valentine” –  ’cause I’ve always been a better man, a better man than you think I am!

5. Have you ever seen Michael perform live? If so, when/where? 
3 times: Thursday’s in Akron May 2012, that coffee bar [Nervous Dog] in Stow August 2013, and Thursday’s 11/08/2013

6. What toppings would you like on your pizza? 
Pepperoni, anchovies, onions and green olives.

7. How many fingers am I holding up? 
13 [Impressive! 13 is my lucky number of fingers!]

8. Apart from Michael McFarland, who’s your favorite musician? 
Joe Jackson.

9. Rock, paper, or scissors? 

Michael chose rock, and Mark is the victor! Michael needs to re-think his strategy…

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