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I’ve Joined the KLŌS Family!

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I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the KLŌS Guitars family.

I fell in love with the KLŌS line of instruments the moment I learned about them. Why, you ask?

Nearly indestructible: if you know how I treat my instruments, you know this is a big deal. The guitar is made of carbon fiber, so you can literally drive a car over it. I used to plan to replace my primary performance guitar every 2 years. This will last the rest of my life.

Travel size, but full size neck & big sound: I started playing travel guitars because I was touring on a motorcycle, but there was always a sacrifice; the neck was a shorter scale, and the unamplified sound was weak. The KLŌS has a full-size neck, intonation is perfection, and the sound & tone are killer. Plus the neck comes off with 4 quick bolts so the whole thing fits easily in my bike’s tailbag!

Sexy as hell: matte black with a carbon fiber weave. The stuff dreams are made of.

I can’t wait to hit the road with my new KLŌS guitar!

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