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A Failed Breakup / A Sarcastic Tango on 12″ Vinyl

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Michael McFarland’s two EPs “A Failed Breakup” and “A Sarcastic Tango” presented as sides 1 and 2 of 12″ vinyl.

Other Formats:

A Sarcastic Tango – CD  A Sarcastic Tango – Digital

A Failed Breakup – CD  A Failed Breakup – Digital

Side 1 – A Failed Breakup:
1. Sit & Wait
2. Stay
3. Remember Me (feat. Beth Goldwater)
4. A Failed Breakup
5. Lighthouse

Side 2 – A Sarcastic Tango:
1. I Spy
2. If I Say Hello
3. A Sarcastic Tango
4. Stupid
5. Not A Fool For You

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