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First Albums: Third Eye Blind – Self-Titled

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First Albums: Third Eye Blind – Self-Titled – From The Mind of McFarland music blog.

A few years back, I noticed that, when discussing music, I had mentioned that this album or that album was on my “top 10 of all time”. I started running a mental count, and quickly realized that my count had at least 12 albums on it. I blame the fact that I’d been doing some reading about Nepal (What? Sherpas are cool.), and the Chepang language has a duodecimal system… but I digress. I went through my music library, and found far more than 12 standout albums, worthy of an “all-time” award. I plan to continue to write about them, in no particular order, on no particular timeline. So, to quote The Joker,

“Here… we… go!”

Third Eye Blind – Self-Titled

first albums, third eye blind, self-titledIf you’re looking for where I began my musical career, this is ground zero. I’d heard several songs (Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, Graduate) on 107.9 The End, the Alternative station out of Cleveland. I can credit that station with introducing me, in my teen years, to many groups that have been my greatest influences. In those pre-napster days, the best way to get free music was the infamous BMG Music Club – buy one CD, get 12 for free! Looking through their catalog, I found albums by 12 bands I recognized from the radio, and so this happened to be one of the first albums I ordered. A few weeks later, a big brown truck delivered a box of goodness to my door.

This album was certainly the standout, especially since I don’t remember what any of the other 11 discs were. Put succinctly, that was when I discovered the difference between a band that writes singles, and a band that writes albums. On this album there is no filler, no throw-away songs, just 14 tracks of painfully catchy alt-pop about suicide, heartbreak, drug use, and car accidents.

A few months later, I decided to learn to play guitar. “How’s It Going To Be” was the first song I taught myself. At one point I could play every song on this album, and with a guitar in my hand and a gun to my head I could probably still give at least half of them a good go.

I’ve had a few people compare the vocal style of some of my songs to Third Eye Blind (most recently referring to “Stay” from my latest record). I couldn’t think of a nicer compliment.

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